That girl from Xavier’s



During 8th grade, I had the opportunity to represent my school at an inter-school science exhibit competition hosted at St. Xavier’s. It was two days of fun and freedom.  V and I went to St. Xavier’s, spoke knowledgeably to visitors about our school’s entry to the competition, wisecracked around, gawked at other boys/girls, and had a good time, generally speaking. Then I saw her.

Long wavy hair loosely bound, a nicely fitting school uniform, slim legs and slender waist… guys hanging around, smiling and laughing and talking. She was perfectly poised between girl and woman — graceful and beautiful and feminine. I couldn’t help feeling envious. Imagine a flat-chested girl, stick thin, shy (yet outwardly confident), gawky and awkward… Hmm, that was me.

How things have changed…

The other day, as I stood before the mirror washing my face before bed, I suddenly thought – Oh, I have turned into that girl.

Longish hair loosely tied, slim and slender, poised between girlhood and womanhood. Life does bring us what we wish for… if only twenty years too late! No, it cannot be too late — it is perfect timing.

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