Falling in Love with a Quiet Man


The mornings were quiet. It took a while for the conversation to warm up, first beginning with little “Hmms” and “Huhs,” then moving on to simple questions about breakfast and coffee, finally ending with “Bye!”

But there were many comforting sounds that kept good company in the absence of actual conversation. The busy water kettle, the low hum of public radio, the bathroom faucet, birds chirping in the backyard… So what if our conversation doesn’t feature actual words or sentences?

We need nothing, not even a word, to convey our deepest thoughts and strongest feelings. I feel your presence, my darling, I do. Your silence is eloquent. You are the most expressive man I have ever known.

Visit to Aladdin’s

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Buckwheat Spelt Cookies with Cashews and Sesame Seeds

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