Phir Aaj Mujhe Tum Ko Itna Bataana Hain…

An old track rendered by the velvety voiced one, Jagjit Singh himself…

Today, I need to tell you this. Life is laughter, and we will leave laughing.

Food, Life, Family – what else?

Earlier, when I wrote on Live Journal, there would be long periods of silence and then I'd return with a post that always opened with "I know it's been a while..." This time, I decided to forgo that standard opening line (did I?). Anyway, life has … [Continue reading]

India, You take my Breath Away… Each Time

So many trips to the motherland and back... Yet the magic is intact. Maybe it is the glaring contrast between my land of residence and my land of birth. Or maybe it is the infinite shades of color that India hosts - parched dull brown, … [Continue reading]

In the Presence of Quiet

Many many years ago, when G and I were bright little girls - smart and talkative and intelligent and spunky - we visited a friend's home. This lady was my mother's friend and colleague. Their family was hosting a wise man from South India who was a … [Continue reading]


We really love the word 'dynamism' and use it with complete abandon. But what does it really mean? Someone who manages multiple responsibilities - who is endlessly creative? Someone who dons multiple roles? Someone who morphs into different people in … [Continue reading]

Oh, Just Meditate!

Imagine the deep blue ocean covered by a thin layer of ice. Imagine a whole world of inhabitants living their life on this layer of ice scarcely aware of the limitless expanse lying directly beneath them. Imagine people looking up into the sky, … [Continue reading]