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Vegetarian/Vegan. Saatvic. The occasional cup of masala mint chai and rusks. And other goodies as well.

Occasionally, I talk about yoga and meditation since they feed my soul.

What’s so rich about being vegetarian?

You can lead a rich life, regardless of your food choices. But there is (or used to be) a misconception in many parts of the United States (and possibly around the world) that a meatless meal is lacking in some way. It’s so dull, so vapid… with no bite or crunch. If you were born and raised in India (like me), you would understand that this is a completely uninformed and ignorant view. Food can be exciting, boring, unappetizing… it depends on you. You are the cook, the artist, the one who feeds everyone. If you have an appetite for life and learning, you will cook delicious food, meat or not.

That being said, there are a zillion reasons for eschewing meat. Mine are my own, I found them. You will need to go through the motions too and figure out what yours are.

At the end of it, I will say this –

anna dAthA, pAka karthA, tathA bhokthA, sukhI bhava, sukhI bhava, sukhI bhava. To the giver of food, the one who cooks it and the one who enjoys it – May you be happy, may you be happy, may you be happy!

What about yoga and meditation?

To me, yoga is not about postures or stretching alone. It is a holistic lifestyle that encompasses food, truthfulness, meditation, introspection, non-violence and so much more. It is a path of self-realization and complete peace. Walking on this path, I found gifts galore. My senses became more refined. Taste sensations gained in intensity. So also sound, scent, touch and sight. My intuition improved in leaps and bounds, both in and out of the kitchen. I felt (and continue to feel) a greater sense of connectedness with the world and everyone in it. There is a strong sense of joy and enthusiasm within me that bubbles out and touches everything in my life. I have gained so much from the practice of yoga that I could never describe fully. Now you probably understand why I am such an enthusiastic champion of these ancient, timeless and beneficial practices.

Who is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Boone, 2012
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Boone, 2012

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the founder of Art of Living Foundation, an international non-profit organization that is involved in service projects and educational activities around the world. It was the introductory Art of Living Course that set me on the path of yoga and meditation. Over the last 8-9 years, I have met Sri Sri multiple times and each time, I have walked away with a sense of gratitude, joy and peace. His simplicity and wisdom have touched the hearts and lives of millions around the world. He truly walks the talk. His ability to connect with people is astounding.

I am deeply grateful to him for showing me that life is more than food, fun, career, money, travel, etc. Yes, life includes all of that but it is far bigger, far greater… and it has a mighty purpose. It is beloved Gurudev, as he is addressed by many, who showed me that life is sacred, infinite, joyous and unbounded. For that precious realization and countless little (and big) A-Ha moments, so many blissful meditations, wonderful friends around the world, illuminating knowledge… I owe Sri Sri much gratitude.

How do I get in touch with you?

Feel free to comment below, and I will respond right back. Don’t be shy. 🙂


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  1. Krishna says:


    I found your blog, completely by accident, when I was researching about Chef Bhavesh Patel that’s soon to be a head chef at a Morningside restaurant owned by the same people as Murphy’s. And then I read some of your other posts and enjoyed your writing. I loved that you enjoy the Orangette just as much as I do and I enjoyed your review of Chai Pani. We’ve been to both the Atlanta and Asheville location and both times we agreed it was just okay. So I wanted to reach out to you and possibly connect on email because it never hurts to have a friend in the same city as myself with a love of food and life.

  2. Saurav Chatterjee says:

    I loved your writing. I’m a non vegetarian. I stumbled upon your blog while I was looking for Brown Rice Recipe 🙂


  3. P. Kaushik says:

    Excellent way of expression! Your thoughts are clear and focused. Keep it that way.

  4. Emilie says:

    Hi, have you tried the 3 day workshop offered by the Art of Living? Will you recommend it? Thanks

  5. Gayathri Govindaraju says:

    I bumped across your page when I was looking for “Asangoham Asangoham”..Yes I did the silence course too and I was also Journaling my experience , just for myself so that years after I could read my experiences, I am a vegetarian too and and Indian Origin, so happy to connect with you ….would love to keep in touch with you …
    Jai Gurudev!!!

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