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Loving Orbit

My monthly cycle orbits the moon,
in a state of deep devotion and love.

It comes close to the fullness and beatitude, bleeding with the light,
then moves farther and further,
crying silently in the dark, a few months later.

Is it about lost opportunity, dead possibilities?
Or new beginnings, unfamiliar destinations?

It is caught in a divine dance,
it is not fickle-minded at all
it is its own little moon
white, red and dark maroon

shining its light inside me.

True Dancers

We are the true dancers,
The ones who fling the hands with abandon, throwing our waists and hips out into the world.

We are the ones who trust our Partner unconditionally, follow them unquestioningly,
We know no fear or doubt, our ego having lost all substantiality, submitted at the altar of the Universe and its mighty winds.

We dance with courage and merriment, placing our weight fairly and squarely in the willing arms of our Partner,
We falter occasionally, sometimes failing to see the light, feeling as though about to fall,
but the hands grasp us firmly, no sweat or nervousness in sight.

We dance in perfect sync and rhythm, eyes searching for the light, ears open for the music,
Often dancing in the silent dark for hours, or years, on end.

Our senses are limited, but the hearts are free and unbounded, filled with loving trust,
Because we know It knows.

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