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Catch the Balls

Give a voice to the voiceless, if only a whisper,
Lend support to the sad and lonely, if only a shoulder,
Share strength with the weak, if only a breath or two,
Fret not or wonder if any of this matters, even a little bit.

Because what you have engaged in is not an act of charity.

It’s an exchange, and what you send along will come back,
Through another’s hands, another’s bony shoulder,
A handkerchief to sop up the tears, a comforting voice on the other end of a cracked phone screen.

These are gifts, countless and endless and nameless,
Circling the Earth, dispersed in the Ether, filling up the airwaves.

We want to give, we would like to help… we wish to express.

It isn’t mine to give, or yours to take,
It is ours to pass along.

Stay where you are, move a bit, adjust a little,
Catch the ball, throw it right back,
Be a player, get better at responding.

All we need is a good wind, a skyful of stars, and the balls keep coming our way.

Loving Orbit

My monthly cycle orbits the moon,
in a state of deep devotion and love.

It comes close to the fullness and beatitude, bleeding with the light,
then moves farther and further,
crying silently in the dark, a few months later.

Is it about lost opportunity, dead possibilities?
Or new beginnings, unfamiliar destinations?

It is caught in a divine dance,
it is not fickle-minded at all
it is its own little moon
white, red and dark maroon

shining its light inside me.