True and Bright is my first book. Is it a book in the real sense? Probably not, so maybe I am cheating.

It is a compilation of some of my nicest posts, the ones that I feel are “true” and “bright.” Some I wrote this year, while some others were written earlier. Topics include: love, Mumbai, relationships, intimacy, beauty, body, and so on.

It is nearly impossible for me to write about something I don’t have an emotional connection to. What this means is, all my essays are personal: true to who I am (or was), striving to be open and authentic, searching for expression and beauty.

You can find these posts on the blog as well, obviously.

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Thanks so much for reading. This blog was started on a whim 13+ years ago as I struggled to make sense of my life and its purpose. Writing helped. First it felt like a friend, then a guide. It gave me an identity. Can I call myself a writer now? Maybe. 🙂