The one and only King of Pop…

When I was younger, I fancied myself to be in love with Michael Jackson. Ok, not love LOVE but something about his sheer energy, fabulous music, stage presence and *troubled past* seemed terribly attractive. The fallen hero and all that jazz… Today MJ has turned into this weird animal, this strange kind of a being, sexless, colorless, nearly nose-less! If only he had stuck to being that cute Afro-American kid with the infectious smile… I and a million other people would have continued loving him gladly. At this point, a TV is blaring out the latest news regarding the verdict. The jury should be out any time now and God alone knows what is in store for the King of Pop. Whatever his sentence be, I can never detest the guy. For me, there is none other like him.
If only his awareness was high and clear all the time… he would retired as the most fascinating pop star in history.

Added later: He has been acquitted of all 10 charges. Is he lucky or is he lucky???!!!!