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Romance from the past

Driving home from work today, it started raining steadily and on an impulse, I pulled out an old CD of Euphoria. Soon enough, Palash Sen‘s earnest voice resounded within the car and transported me to a time and age long gone by. Euphoria’s music is a little immature – most of the compositions are probably based in the same raaga, there is a general spirited energy in the songs that is typical of Palash and his personality – the songs are redolent of college, youth, romances in canteens, etc. As I heard one song after another, the musical vibe hit me, and it reminded me of old yearnings, patterns, faded dreams. In an interesting way, I was able to observe that tendency of the mind – to romanticize the past and to dream endlessly. Older now, I still dream a little – but I know that I am dreaming. Does that take the fun out of dreaming? Possibly… The sense of being the heroine of your life’s most spectacular novel, the fantasy of being the one who drives alone with a faraway look in her lovely eyes – what is she thinking about? A hidden sorrow, a love gone sour, a love unrequited, plain old-fashioned romance, tears over the phone, so many arguments, the magic of knowing that one is desired, adored, fantasized about… the eternal earnestness of youth.

Earnestness, sincerity, innocence – these are sweet qualities indeed and no reason to dispense with them as one ages. But drama… I am happy that there is less of it now. Well, lesser than there used to be.

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