Endlessly Dynamic

Endlessly Dynamic

We really love the word ‘dynamism’ and use it with complete abandon. But what does it really mean? Someone who manages multiple responsibilities – who is endlessly creative? Someone who dons multiple roles? Someone who morphs into different people in varying situations?

Yes, yes, yes.

And a little more.

It occurs to me that the most dynamic people (and because I am an avowed feminist, I will pick female here) I know are the middle-class, working mothers in Mumbai. They manage their homes, cook on a regular basis, attend to their children, figure out efficient commute options, scout for good bargains, attend to the in-laws, manage work schedules, plan family vacations…. phew. With help from a few good men, of course.

Dynamism, I think, is about engaging with the moment – every moment, every breath. To be attentive, to change tricks if need be, to keep inventing, to be open to new interpretations (if a train commute is the only place you find time to chop vegetables, so be it), juggle roles, ask for help… keep moving.

Life has changed for me lately. A new job, added responsibilities, changed roles – I can truthfully say that I am a lot more dynamic today than I was in my less busy (relatively speaking, of course!) days.

(Why the obviously Instagrammed/Hipstamatic-ed picture of my foot, you ask? Well – these feet have danced for hours, climbed mountains, walked miles, and borne my weight with grace and forbearance. If that isn’t dynamism, what is? Plus I love how graceful the arch is.)