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Committing to what we want in the moment is simple, not easy.

It is far easier (not simpler) to make plans in advance, hold ourselves accountable, use guilt as a means to “do the right thing,” frighten ourselves a little (“If I don’t do ___, then ___”), and so on. I think we feel that we are our own worst enemy, and that it’s supremely important to protect ourselves… from ourselves. What if we succumbed to the wish (ooh, desire) of the moment, and did something terribly unsafe or unhealthy or irresponsible or stupid?

Committing to the moment means being fully present and attentive to whatever it is that arises, including our own response. It requires us to keep aside the previous plan, maybe ditch it altogether, make a new one? It requires a certain devotion to the moment, coupled with trust in our individual ability to respond correctly. In the absence of either, it is far easier to refer back to previous plans, ideas and concepts, notions, etc.

And yet, the truth is that we are dynamic beings, fully capable of making excellent plans, dumping them for better ones, and accomplishing fun, creative, meaningful results.


Endlessly Dynamic

Endlessly Dynamic

We really love the word ‘dynamism’ and use it with complete abandon. But what does it really mean? Someone who manages multiple responsibilities – who is endlessly creative? Someone who dons multiple roles? Someone who morphs into different people in varying situations?

Yes, yes, yes.

And a little more.

It occurs to me that the most dynamic people (and because I am an avowed feminist, I will pick female here) I know are the middle-class, working mothers in Mumbai. They manage their homes, cook on a regular basis, attend to their children, figure out efficient commute options, scout for good bargains, attend to the in-laws, manage work schedules, plan family vacations…. phew. With help from a few good men, of course.

Dynamism, I think, is about engaging with the moment – every moment, every breath. To be attentive, to change tricks if need be, to keep inventing, to be open to new interpretations (if a train commute is the only place you find time to chop vegetables, so be it), juggle roles, ask for help… keep moving.

Life has changed for me lately. A new job, added responsibilities, changed roles – I can truthfully say that I am a lot more dynamic today than I was in my less busy (relatively speaking, of course!) days.

(Why the obviously Instagrammed/Hipstamatic-ed picture of my foot, you ask? Well – these feet have danced for hours, climbed mountains, walked miles, and borne my weight with grace and forbearance. If that isn’t dynamism, what is? Plus I love how graceful the arch is.)