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How I love it!

I am nearing the end of my Masters program in Mass Communication at Georgia State University – working on my thesis now, there will be a period of data collection and analysis, and then Inshallah, all will end well. I have had such a WONDERFUL time at school – or college, if I can call it that. All the professors I have met have been wildly enthusiastic about their topics – whether it be Marxism, Rhetoric, Queer Theory, Framing – what have you. My professors have always brought in such energy into the class – I have NEVER had a class that didn’t uplift me, leave me energized, exhilarated about learning. Maybe it’s because I am FINALLY in a field that captivates me, interests me. Or maybe it’s just the enthusiasm that my teachers bring to their topics.

In contrast to the classes I took as part of my undergrad in Civil Engineering in Bombay. Dull and dry – the professors looking like they needed some kind of pick-me-up – a sense of being utterly disconnected from everything outside the classroom – so unfortunate. I am sure that there were professors who genuinely loved their topics and wished to convey the same to their students. It hardly ever translated… 🙁 My professors at GSU have always invited their students into conversations – never spoken down to us or treated us as students, more as peers. Not the same in my undergrad days. Very unfortunate.

Do I sound like Rancho? I guess he just voiced aloud what so many of us feel inside.

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