Had an interesting realization yesterday…

When we have an ardent desire for a thing (e.g. chai, falooda, chocolate torte, shoes, partner, pet, child), it makes for a bit (or a lot) of drama. Wanting something so bad, feeling like it’s out of reach, dreaming of the day you obtain it, imagining that you have it… and so on. These scenarios can be powerfully evocative, and depending on how intensely you want the thing, there can be a lot of energy fueling these dream sequences. What the energy does is keep the state of desire well and alive. Once the object of desire is gained, that state comes to an end, and the dream sequences are concluded. Perhaps the mind knows that when the desire is fulfilled, it may be a bit of an anticlimax. You’d rather dream about going to Paris than realize, when you get there, that Paris is prettier in the movies. Or that the pink rose falooda is too sweet to handle. Or that your dream partner is a bit of a loser. Or maybe not a loser… but he is no Ryan Gosling, or a Ranvir Singh.

Perhaps, we are invested in keeping the state of desire well and alive… as a kind of insurance against the disappointment that may pop up when the desire is fulfilled.

So, if you really want something badly, stop desiring it! This will take away the energy that keeps the state of desire alive. Or else, you can simply let it be… Most worlds of desire will crash or diminish eventually, and you can enjoy the drama while it lasts. In that case, you may not even care much if/when the desire is fulfilled.

A desire for a warm chocolate croissant is as delicious as a warm chocolate croissant.