Fuego Mundo is a place I have been wanting to go to for a long time now. Finally, the stars were aligned perfectly this weekend and we ended up going with M and family. Fuego Mundo is known as a South American wood fire grill. I really like the decor of the place. The colors are warm and sunny, classy decor, lots of glass and light… all in all, a cool vibe. The menu has some vegetarian options, not a lot. Another visit, and we would be done sampling all the vegetarian menu options, I think.
We ordered the Yucca Fries and Dip to begin with. They were really nice. Yucca is fairly starchy but thankfully, the fries were not too greasy (in case there is a connection between starch and oil retention?). I am not sure what the dip was. It tasted like garlic ranch (and I hope it wasn’t!) but it was not very tart or garlicky.
I got an order of the Soup of the Day. It came with a side order of quinoa, black beans and baked plantains.
It was a pretty good combination. I love plantains (fried, steamed, baked, roasted!) and these were really sweet. Normally, I am a little wary about black beans (much flatulence ensues… sigh) but these felt fairly light. Quinoa also is a grain with a very “light” feel plus it has a great crunch and is so nutritious to boot. So that plate made me happy. The soup was nice and hot. It was made in a broth of water and featured carrots, cooked corn and some other vegetables I can’t recall. Fairly okay. I mean, nothing spectacular, no outstanding flavors or spices. A regular soup.
P got an order of the tofu steak and a side of the Veggie Lover’s Stir-Fry.
Both dishes were great. The Tofu Steak was tender (obviously!) and nicely flavored. Of course, the crunch of the plantain chips provided a great foil to the steak as well. Most stir-fry dishes are so ordinary but this one was good! Probably the nicely sauteed onions provided that additional spice element. All in all, a nice combination.
Couldn’t pass up dessert, right?
The Gourmet Mango Pie was a good choice. M got the Tres Leches. I need to find out more about this dish but it was sweet and rich without being too cloying.
Nice and light flavors, very clean tastes, relaxed and chic decor… A place I could recommend easily.

Fuego Mundo
5590 Roswell Road, Suite A120
Sandy Springs, GA 30342