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Art of Living Atlanta was incredibly fortunate to host a Sri Sri Yoga course with Shriram Sarvotham this August. Shriram has been a yoga practitioner for more than twenty years, and over four days, he guided us through amazing yoga asanas, deep meditation sessions, and energizing Pranayaamas. He explained that a combination for Asanas (for the body), Pranayaamas (for the breath), and meditation (for the spirit) was far more powerful than doing either one by itself. So his daily sessions consisted of a beautiful combination of all three – in his words, the whole is larger than the sum of its parts. Shriram also quoted extensively from Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradeepika. Hearing him speak, it was obvious that his knowledge was not bookish or intellectual but a living experience. He remarked that reading the Yoga Sutras is a monumental task in itself but the commentary given by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is simple, lucid, and illuminating. It demystifies the ancient scripture and makes it practical, relevant and utterly meaningful. In addition, Shriram spoke about Ayurveda, body type and tendencies. He also recommended variations in the Asanas based on specific Prakriti.

I have been practising meditation and yoga since a few years now, and yet this program felt like a whole new experience for me. The yoga asanas were invigorating; intense and yet so gentle at the same time. Sukham Sthiram AasanamAsana is that (posture) which is comfortable and stable. The meditation sessions were simply brilliant. As Shriram would give us the instructions in his gentle voice, I would sink within, deeper and deeper. Even after the meditations would end, I would remain in that silent space for minutes and then finally resurface, relaxed and alert and completely awake.

The take-home Sri Sri Yoga practice is a beautiful sequence of asanas that flows like a dance, strengthening and relaxing in turns. Combining the asanas with Pranayaamas and meditation makes the practice complete and perfect.

As the course ended, the participants lingered on, unwilling to leave. Shriram has such a packed schedule; he is teaching a Sri Sri Yoga course every weekend this year! Thankfully, he has a weekend free in November and we immediately asked for it. So Shriram will visit Atlanta again this November. Details will be posted when finalized.

Hope to see all my fellow yoga practitioners in Atlanta for the Sri Sri Yoga course this November.. 🙂

Finally, some words from my yoga teacher “It is easy to be a yoga teacher but difficult to be a yogi”.

Jai Guru Dev – Victory to the Big Mind!

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