Yes, the one who blushes furiously, who wears her emotions on her face. Whose lips are constantly curving upward. The one who is so open about her feelings, yet can hardly say a word about them. Whose eyes drop downward as they come close. Who cannot meet the beloved’s eyes without going red.

There is something oddly sweet, hopelessly endearing about a shy lover. It is the sincerity, the eternal earnestness and compelling naivete, the utter vulnerability of it all. And it makes her so helluva attractive.


I know Waheeda Rahman isn’t exactly shy here, saying out her feelings in that song as clearly as she does. Although, she isn’t the one singing the song, technically speaking. “Aaj sajan mohe ang lagaa lo, janam safal ho jaaye, hriday ki peeda, deh ki agni, sab sheetal ho jaaye… Beloved, embrace me today so my life may be complete, the pain in my heart and the fire in my body, may it all be cooled.”