Tango for Taj has stolen my heart. A joyful melody with an Eastern European influence, it brings to mind dancing, whirling skirts, hands clapping in unison, shiny faces, much fun and laughter. And then a typically Indian sounding tune pops up but it all sounds so good, so cohesive and together. Love it.

Then there is Tum Ko, pensive and sad. I am not a big fan of Kavita Krishnamurthy's voice but she brings a lot of soul into her singing. A similar track is Tum Ho, sung by a male. Romantic, terribly romantic in a way that I am reminded of a younger me, starry-eyed and waiting. For the right moment, the right person, the right place. Except that age and wisdom (!) teaches you that the right place and moment is now and here. Eyes looking out into the distance… waiting for what? I think young folks are in love with the idea of love and they look for it everywhere… Like a fish seeking to find its way to the ocean when it cannot be separated from the ocean in any way. I think I still carry traces of that "romantic search" within but now it shows up in my writing!

The Dichotomy of Fame is another favorite. The track opens with sounds of shehnai (or a similar wind instrument). I wish they were actual shehnais and not electronic ones. The sounds seem to be announcing a festive occasion except that there is a certain pain embedded in the melody. Making their presence felt through the resonant shehnais are guitars, keyboards and a bunch of other instruments. Such a beautiful composition, it is a little heartbreaking.

I think the biggest inspirations for my writing are Guruji and music. Both blow me away and in an absolutely mind-blowingly fabulous way.