As you check out the Archives, you will see posts dating back to 2004. But this blog came into existence only 3-4 years ago. Well, the older posts are from my first blog I am dancing at the feet of my Lord, All is Bliss, All is Bliss, All is Bliss.

I started writing it early 2004 on Livejournal. It was a small, intimate space that expanded to include a host of new and old friends. I realized that I enjoyed writing and yes, writing enjoyed me (if that makes sense). That blog saw me through many days of grim desperation, trying hard to beat homesickness, figuring my way around the culture and norms and everything else here in the United States. For all those reasons, and for the fact that that blog has some fine writing (even if I say so), I remained fond of Livejournal, even as it was invaded by spam of the worst kind.

Then I decided to bring all that writing over to this space. This blog still feels like a fledgling space, so hopefully there is a lot to be gained from this endeavor.

So feel free to browse through the archives. Frankly speaking, I am proud of all that writing, as meandering and pointless and rambling it may seem to anyone else… 🙂