Some of the most delicious chaat I have eaten is in Bombay. Imagine plates of golden bhel flecked with tiny bits of green mangoes, verdant cilantro leaves, and chopped onions, spiced with date-tamarind and green coriander chutney, platters of puris served with potatoes, tumblers of ice-cold pani puri masala water, sprouts, sweet chutney – dip and dunk and swallow! Alu tikkis, ragda patties, sev puri, samosa chaat… Everyone has a favorite place to eat chaat in their nook of the city. I have slurped countless plates at Gupta Bhel, a tiny joint right outside Andheri Station. Bang opposite was McDonalds and do I need to say – Gupta’s could easily boast of having more fans than McDonalds!

Lucky for us, here in Atlanta, we now have a chaat joint that serves food almost as delicious as what we gorged on in Bombay. Mumbai Masala is nestled among the other eateries in Global Mall but can I say – it outshines each one of them! The chutneys are absolutely fresh, spiced just right – none of that excessive spice-salt-grease – and the variety is staggering. Plus they always have some daily specials. And the masala chai is the perfect ending.

Pictures are few but I promise to be back with more!