A couple of weeks ago, I stepped into Jerusalem Bakery in Marietta. A sleepy space, a single attendant, shelves filled with freshly baked pita bread, packets of sesame-studded bread sticks, date rolls, walnut biscuits and cookies, baked pies… You get the delicious picture. This is a place I have been meaning to visit since some time – never got around to it.

I looked around, peeked into the freezer filled with various kinds of cheeses (almost all of them kosher, with non-animal rennet – YAY!), and walked out with a bag of whole wheat pita bread and a packet of date rolls. The date rolls were very delicious and the sesame seeds provided a nice crunch. The pita breads? Fabulous. I realized that buying pita bread from a bakery (at Jerusalem, they bake it daily) makes the hugest difference. I finished the last pita round (or bread?) a couple of days back. Can you believe that it was still oh-so soft? Btw, cost of a packet of whole wheat pita bread? $1.69 only. And believe me, it is a lot more delicious and less expensive than what you could buy from your big grocery store.

Again visited the bakery yesterday. The light was good, so I got some good pictures. This time I bagged a box of date rolls (the non-sesame kind), my packet of whole wheat pita breads, and a box of Ma’moul (walnut stuffed pastries). P found the Ma’moul very sweet but I thought it was pretty delicious. There is a liberal sprinkling of powdered sugar that I dusted off as much as I could. Haven’t sampled the date rolls yet but I am sure they’re delicious. About Ma’moul, if you want to know how to bake them at home, read this on Desert Candy, one of my favorite food blogs.

Jerusalem Bakery
585 Franklin Rd, Suite 160
Marietta GA 30067