Perhaps, recognition of an object gives rise to a subject. An array of objects creates a field that encloses an idea (identity?), gives definition to the subject who is also enclosed within the field, just like the objects themselves. But the objects begin to disappear, one after the other… and the subject feels its edges beginning to blur. It’s a moment of mild panic, and there are fewer and fewer objects now showing up in the field.

What to do? Go to sleep?

“yathA drishti, tathA srishti,” and so, when I stop looking, they don’t show up. Or perhaps, they stop showing up and I stop looking. Or maybe it’s the same phenomenon. All I know is that I am losing the habit of looking, or maybe there is little interest (energy) poured into looking. And all this energy is pooling somewhere, or everywhere… sans object or objectivity or subject or subjectivity.