What a year it has been. Previously unimagined events have come to pass, and you know exactly what I am talking about. It has been exhausting on so many levels; the endless stream of news and updates and feeds and posts and… And here we are, at the end of it all, bracing for a new President. It is depressing.

Each time I come to this space, I have a point to make. I have it semi-made in my head, and I am waiting for the words and phrases to cooperate, so it all comes together beautifully on the page. I suppose I want it to look like I have it figured out.

It is a far cry from my early days of blogging, when I wrote with happy abandon, aware that there was hardly anyone reading. Ahh, that changed, and so did I. Self-consciousness is the death knell of any artist, and I (no artist) am no exception.

Well, if I have a resolution for 2017, it is this. To write with fearlessness and vulnerability and openness and gay, happy abandon.