The nice man at the Sandy Springs Farmers Market sold me kohlrabi this weekend. He recommended making a slaw of it with shredded carrots, then dressing it up with honey-mustard. Well, that’s his wife’s recipe, he said.

I followed his instructions.

Cut off the leaves, skinned the bulb (ended up skinning my hand too), shredded it. Shredded some carrots, added salt, tossed it all together.

Warmed sesame oil, added slivers of ginger, cumin, mustard seeds. Couldn’t resist throwing in some garam masala. Added it all to the shredded veggies, mixed them all nice and proper. Garnished with chopped cilantro and a dash of lime juice (just before serving).

Kohlrabi Carrot Slaw

Delicious! I am sure there are endless variations to this simple template of a recipe. You could probably add chopped apples, sliced onions, roasted peanuts… the list goes on. This is an Indianized recipe; you could use olive oil, fresh/dried herbs and make it Italian, maybe?

On a sunny afternoon, I served myself a couple of generous servings of this colorful slaw with some brown rice and moong dal khichdi.