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Braggs Liquid Aminos

Some of you may know that I am an instructor and volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation. It was at the international Art of Living Center in Montreal, Canada that I first came across Braggs Liquid Aminos.

There was a bottle of Braggs (as we called it) on every other table in the dining area. I saw people drizzle it over salads and soups. I did the same and found that it really enhanced the flavor of food. It has a slight saltiness and so, if you plan to season your soup/salad with Braggs, it is a good idea to go easy on salt during the cooking part.

Braggs is made of non-GMO soybeans and contains 16 amino acids. It is gluten-free.

I have been cooking with Braggs for a while now. I generally cut up vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, pretty much any vegetable that can be eaten raw or lightly cooked) and tofu and let them soak in a mixture of Braggs, soy sauce, ginger oil and chili oil. I cook pasta al dente and then toss it with the soaked vegetables. It’s a one-pot dish that comes together in a matter of minutes, is incredibly flavorful and tasty, looks fantastic, and is easy to digest. Moreover, it tastes wonderful cold also!