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Basil Pesto Noodles

I know this blog is really about resources for vegetarians but I simply couldn’t resist putting up two pictures.

Both are pictures of a most perfect platter of basil pesto noodles. Now the noodles were soba style but made of spelt, if I remember right. I got them from Dekalb Farmers Market. I probably got the red and yellow peppers from there as well.

Now the basil pesto, the oh-so-heavenly, fragrant and verdant pesto… I bought a bunch of fresh basil from Sandy Springs Farmers Market. Made a batch of pesto right after I got home. Put it in the refrigerator until I made these noodles.

It was the most spectacular and memorable plate of basil peso noodles. Oh, now that I am looking at the pictures, I think I also added in fresh tomatoes. Yes, oh yes.