The Rich Vegetarian

An Examined Life

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Today is Vijayadashami. Today, we will sit and write the alphabet in rice. And end with ‘Hari Sri Ganapathaye Namaha’. And begin another year of learning. Tomorrow, I will visit my violin teacher and play the preliminary lessons. Had I been in India, I would have visited my dance teacher, made him an offering of fruits and flowers, and danced the first few steps we begin with when learning to dance. In Mookambika temple (Kollur), thousands of little children are sitting and getting initiated into speech and learning at this moment.

Happy Dussera to everyone!

May the fire of knowledge and awareness burn away all negative tendencies, fears and undesirable patterns from your life! May this be a year of learning, self-realization and knowledge for you!

Personally, I hope that I complete my Masters in Mass Communication this year, finish my YES!+ teacher training and start teaching YES!+ courses, become a Sri Sri Yoga teacher, and continue on the path of learning and knowledge that I have been lucky enough to be initiated into, thanks to my parents, teachers and Guruji…