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The first tear…

So many years ago, one summer in Thrissur, Geetu and I settled down to watch a video of this song from Mohanlal’s wonderful film His Highness Abdullah. The song features a musical *duel* between a renowned classical musician and a relatively unknown singer. The two musicians go through the seven notes in perfect sync and alternation, finally culminating in Mohanlal’s ‘Aanandham Ananthaanandam Jagadaanandam Sangeetham.’ As the tears roll down the eyes of the blissed-out musicians, I was completely taken by surprise to find a tear running down my cheek too. One of the earliest occasions in life when I was transported to bliss on the wings of the seven transcendental notes… Truly, ‘Aanandham Ananthaanandam Jagadaanandam Sangeetham… Bliss, Eternal Bliss, Bliss in this World, Music…’

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