Before you think that I have started eating meat… 🙂 Last night, we visited Loving Hut for dinner. There’s something so charming about this place. The servers are wonderful – our server even asked us if we wanted to avoid onions! – the menu selection is plentiful, it has a cheerful ambience… I have to say – I felt that this place was full of sattva.

We went with J & J and ordered an assortment of items. The Fabulous Pho soup was wonderful! It had rice noodles, vegan ham, green onions, lots of basil, mushrooms… MMM. I have to admit, I am squeamish around the fake meat and avoided those huge floating soy chunks. The soup was wonderfully flavored and it filled me up in a really warm and satisfying way. P ordered the Wonton Soup and he adored it. Cilantro, sesame, rice wontons, shredded carrots… wonderful! J ordered the daily special – Rainbow Soup. She has a very sensitive palate meaning not much stuff makes it past her attention when it comes to food, preparation, spices, etc. And she loved the soup!

The BBQ sticks were nice too with a generous garnish of sesame seeds. Again, it took me a while to get past the sight but once the sticks made their way to my mouth, I was fine.

I hardly ever turn down dessert – we got the Chocolate Mousse. It was sweet without being cloying, light and heavenly! Who’d think it’s vegan???!!!

Loving Hut’s philosophy permeates everything – the ambience, the servers, and the food. Living gently on this earth, consuming what’s needed, respecting life in all its forms… how can I not love a place like this one?

Loving Hut
6835 Spalding Drive
Norcross GA 30092

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