Something that came to mind during meditation…

Everyone wants to grow. Be more successful, gain security, find friends and family, contribute meaningfully, make a difference. How? Really, the only way to gain all the above is by service. There are countless gifts on the path of Seva. Gifts for oneself, gifts for others. I truly believe that on the path of Seva, you gain success, security, friends and family, and make a meaningful difference.


So many people are reluctant to serve because they feel that dedicating one’s energies to Seva amounts to cutting back on one’s personal plans and ambitions. Seva comes in way of your own plans, they misunderstand… Not at all. Serve yourself, serve others. How to serve oneself? Sadhana is the perfect way to serve yourself. Spiritual practices nourish the spirit, feed the soul, add to inner reserves of strength and composure. And make you fit to serve the world.

Do what’s required. For yourself, for others – when it’s required. And the returns are infinite. Skills, talents, friends, prosperity, wealth, security… all of these await the Sevak, the one who serves.

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