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Figo Pasta, Vinings

Figo Pasta deserves a more detailed post but I got such lovely pictures when we went for lunch last week that I absolutely had to post them here. It was a gorgeous sunny day, the company was excellent (Sucheta and Ruksana) and the food was GOOD. This location is in Vinings, a nice little neighborhood with eateries, boutiques, retail outlets and more. What I really loved about Vinings is that it is a walk friendly community. Would absolutely love to come back to Vinings and to Figo Pasta as well.

Carrot Coconut Ginger Soup

I got the Coconut-Carrot-Ginger soup. It was excellent. 100% vegetarian (yes, I asked – as always) with a whiff of curry flavor, this is a thick soup, perfect for these cold days. I am guessing it contained garlic, ginger and a bunch of other spices but the taste was subtle and not overpowering at all. I should have ordered a bowl, not a small cup!

Next up was Mista di Campo, a salad of mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, carrots, olives, shredded ricotta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.

Mixed Green Salad

I have recently become a fan of salads, I must admit. This was a good one. I would have liked additional dressing (well, I should have asked for it, duh). The ricotta cheese was a tad chewy, I thought. All in all, it was a nice plate. Come to think of it, this is a plate full of Pitta-aggravating ingredients – tomatoes, cheese, olives and balsamic vinegar! Thankfully, it didn’t affect me this time. But I am mindful about what I eat since I have a fair understanding of my constitution, the kinds of imbalances I tend to fall into, and the foods that cause it.

Thank God for Ayurveda.

As for Figo Pasta, expect to see more posts about this sunny Italian place in the coming days.

Figo Pasta
2941 Paces Ferry Rd NE
Atlanta GA 30339
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