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Yeah! Burger

McDonald’s in India serves up a decent veggie burger. So does McDonalds’s in UK, as P will affirm. On our recent trip to Berlin, we tucked into a pretty good veggie burger at the local McDonald’s. But the chain in the United States has no such option. I won’t hazard a guess as to why. Possibly they think that the typical audience for McDonald’s does not care for vegetable burgers?

Yeah! Burger has no such restriction. A vegetarian will leave happy after a meal at this place. We visited the Midtown location earlier this week.

The menu has countless options for bun, patty, sides, sauce, etc. It also has a nice sounding section for ice-creams and shakes. If only it was that kind of weather… In any case, my meal of burger + fries left me too stuffed to even contemplate ice-cream. Or anything else.

P got himself a veggie burger with a gluten-free bun, sliced cucumber and Vidalia onions, avocado and sunflower pesto, and a side of sweet potato fries. He loved it! I wonder what the gluten-free bun was made of.

I ordered a veggie burger with a whole wheat bun, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grilled Vidalia onions, avocado, pepper jack cheese and sunflower pesto, and a side of gluten-free fifty-fifty (french fries, onion rings).

Not bad at all! The patty could have done with some added heft, I think. The rest of the fillings are soft anyway, so the patty itself could have been crunchier, more crisp. I think I made the mistake of adding a topping too many! Plus I wanted to pick the roasted garlic aioli sauce but went for the sunflower pesto instead. Must have been thinking of something else… hmmm. In spite of all the flavors jostling in there, the pesto was able to make its presence felt although I wonder if it was too delicate an ingredient for the burger. You want big flavors in a burger, I’d think. Pesto is subtle, fragrant and very different from the others. Or so I think.

I got terrible pictures of the burgers, sorry!

Another realization: Between two people, one side is more than sufficient. I couldn’t make a dent in the french fries and onion rings. It didn’t make sense to get it home but we did end up bringing some of the sweet potato fries home. Yum indeed.

But I managed to get nice pictures of the space. The decor is simple and elegant. They use actual silverware! A nice little cool place – Yeah! Burger.

Yeah Burger
1168 Howell Mill Rd, Suite E
Atlanta GA 30318

Chilled Tomato Gazpacho from Metrofresh

Chilled Tomato Gazpacho

Here is the Chilled Tomato Gazpacho from Metrofresh that was part of my lunch yesterday. I haven’t tasted a Gazpacho before and all I know is that it’s a soup served cold. It tastes like a liquefied version of tomato salsa, not too tart or sour or sweet. A mild taste of onion and garlic, herby flavor of fresh cilantro, smooth texture and nice mouthfeel.

P mentioned that it should have contained cucumbers as well. But I don’t think this one did.