What if thinking and doing were both the same phenomenon… unspooling?

It often seems like there is such a strong preference for doers, the ones who don’t sit and think (and/or talk) endlessly, or fall into an “analysis paralysis” coma, but get off their behinds and make things happen. And yet, I wonder if thinking and doing may not essentially be the same thing, a kind of “unspooling” from the same ball of yarn. For, if your thought and doing patterns both draw from the same bank of ideas, there may not be an actual difference between the two. While one manifests in something you could possibly see with your eyes, the other is confined to an imagined universe. And they may be two forms of the same pattern.

Now, if thinking or doing are spontaneous actions, seemingly drawn out of nowhere (or space), fully responsive to the place and time, then what emerges may be inspired, unique and novel. And perhaps that’s what we can call simply being, or simple being, or creative, alive being.