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And the summer days roll on, indolent and lazy…

With Mom and Dad at home, there is a different sense of comfort. The summer has been ruthless this time, with temperatures inching close to the dreaded 100. Next week, we are off to Chicago for the annual Guru Poornima celebrations with Guruji and the rest of the Art of Living family across the world. Seems like the celebration is going to be HUGE this year with folks flying in from all over. There’re programs planned for kids, teens, youth – absolutely everyone. It’s going to rock the city… totally!

If I were to think about one thing that I am incredibly grateful for, it would be awareness. The ability to grasp what’s happening in the inner recesses of this complex mind mechanism, the discrimination to distance myself from its endless wonderings (and wanderings), to use the power of knowledge and Sadhana to bring it back to this point in space-time… and to go through the drill all over again every time. Yes, situations are created all around us expressly so that we realize – the real circus is in the mind. The world exists but in our own minds. To move from being a performer to being a spectator, to play the part flawlessly and drop it without a regret, to exit gracefully when the curtains have fallen – such a precious skill.

The beauty of YES…

I am teaching a YES course that ends tomorrow. And once again, I am blown away by the loveliness of this program. To introduce a young mind to the simplicity and power of meditation and yoga, to bring into that budding intelligence a new thought process, to gently guide them into their own minds… all in that space of joy, sharing and love. Like I tell my students how lucky they are to be getting this universal knowledge at such a significiant point in their lives… and how it happens that every time I teach a course, I get to witness such a beautiful transformation… in the most simple and natural way possible.