There is no need to conform to anything; there are no standards. You are as good as the next guy in the line and don’t ever compare yourself to anyone. There are no standard milestones; there are no landmarks. It is fine to be low and blue once in a while; that phase has yet to be relegated to the terrible teens/adolescence. No maturity, no immaturity. Things just are. Be natural, happy and stable and things will roll into place. It is okay to cry by yourself without feeling weak. Consider yourself blessed; it is still okay to cry. Swollen eyelids are a bad sign but they are okay. Don’t think you don’t count your blessings enough, you always do. It is okay to feel as if the world is on top of you. Too many people are searching for their dream. It appears as if people are happy and settled but it is okay to keep searching. Maybe it keeps you young, interested, curious. There is always Santa around the corner, bearing gifts and goodies. Keep turning around corners, I suppose. No two days are alike and as always, this too shall pass.

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